New Materials are hitting the Library from Max Kutsenko
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发布于 2022-6-18 03:33:06

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I had a pleasure to chat with folks at answering some interesting art-related questions. It was a blast working with them on those winter-themed materials.
A full blog post can be found here:
我很高兴在 上与人们聊天,回答了一些有趣的艺术相关问题。与他们一起研究那些以冬季为主题的材料真是太棒了。

The Library is heating up this year but these materials are as cold and wet as January in Seattle.

An awesome set of materials comes fresh to the library today, adding to our great selection of Snow and Ice with some hand crafted beauties that have all the parameters you could need to make the best scene set in a frosty snow-scape you could think of! Our guest artist this time around was Max Kutsenko, he has a huge portfolio of beautiful materials that you can dig in right here.
一组很棒的材料今天来到图书馆,添加到我们精选的冰雪和一些手工制作的美女中,这些美女拥有你可能需要的所有参数,可以在你能想到的冰冷的雪景中制作最佳场景!这次我们的客座艺术家是 Max Kutsenko,他拥有大量精美的材料,您可以在这里挖掘。


I worked pretty closely with Max on this sprint, having him take part in critique discussions with the rest of the team was always eye opening and the way he takes that in stride was a breath of fresh air from what you can find out in the wild in the art community sometimes.

在这个 sprint 中,我与 Max 密切合作,让他参与与团队其他成员的批评讨论总是让人大开眼界,而他从容应对的方式就像你在野外发现的新鲜空气一样有时在艺术界。

The amount of detail that he was able to add to these new materials, not to mention the level of parameter control you have when using these legitimately blew my mind away. Super happy to get them into the library and I can’t wait to see what our community does with them.




It was pretty cool to be able to throw some more personal questions at Max after the sprint was done to clarify some of his motivations and where he is coming from when creating his art.
在冲刺完成后能够向 Max 提出更多个人问题以澄清他的一些动机以及他在创作艺术时来自哪里,这真是太酷了。
Michael Haggerty: Where are you from, what where your motivations for jumping into 3D art?
Michael Haggerty:你来自哪里,你投身 3D 艺术的动机是什么?
Max Kutsenko: I am from a little country called Estonia that no one knows about :) It belonged to the Soviet Union, back in the days, but gained independence in the 90s. I always loved playing video games and live in the fantasy worlds that the game devs were creating. So when I found out, it was an actual job that existed where you can make those worlds yourself and get paid for it, this idea really attracted me. I tried to do some simple modeling on my own and got hooked right away, and this set things in motion.
Max Kutsenko:我来自一个名叫爱沙尼亚的小国家,没人知道 :) 它在过去属于苏联,但在 90 年代获得独立。我一直喜欢玩电子游戏,并且生活在游戏开发者创造的幻想世界中。所以当我发现,这是一份真正的工作,你可以自己创造这些世界并获得报酬,这个想法真的吸引了我。我试着自己做一些简单的建模,然后马上就迷上了,这让事情开始了。



Michael Haggerty: What are some of your favorite “Old Masters” in the art world, if you have any.

Michael Haggerty:如果你有的话,你最喜欢艺术界的“老大师”有哪些。

MK: If we talk about the art scene in general and not just video games, it is probably going to be Salvador Dali. Maybe it is because I currently live in Catalonia as this is where he was born :) But I remember his peculiar surrealist style really struck me back in school. Basically, you can stare at his work for hours trying to find some hidden meaning behind the bizarre images.

MK: 如果我们谈论一般的艺术场景而不仅仅是电子游戏,那很可能是萨尔瓦多·达利。也许是因为我目前住在加泰罗尼亚,因为这是他出生的地方 :) 但我记得他独特的超现实主义风格真的让我回想起了学校。基本上,你可以盯着他的作品看几个小时,试图在这些奇异的图像背后找到一些隐藏的意义。

MH: You are a currently a teacher Centre de Comunicacio, how has teaching textures changed how you look at the process of creating them and have there been any students that have surprised you?

MH:你现在是一名教师 Centre de Comunicacio,教学纹理如何改变了你对创建它们的过程的看法,有没有让你感到惊讶的学生?

MK: I think teaching has not changed much how I look at the process of creating textures, but what it really did was to diversify my ability to create distinct types of materials. Since our school program covers the creation of a wide variety of textures, my knowledge of Substance package really expanded because of that. To give you an example, just by teaching, I learned a lot about fabrics which I haven’t done much in the past. Fabrics creation can be quite a complex subject as each type has its own weave pattern, behavior, and property. And as for the students, yes, there a few students that blew me away with the quality of their work, especially when it comes to the final render presentation and understanding of the lighting.

MK:我认为教学并没有改变我对创建纹理过程的看法,但它真正做到的是使我创造不同类型材料的能力多样化。由于我们学校的课程涵盖了各种纹理的创建,因此我对 Substance 包的知识真正扩展了。举个例子,仅仅通过教学,我学到了很多关于面料的知识,而这些我过去没有做过很多。面料创作可能是一个相当复杂的主题,因为每种面料都有自己的编织图案、行为和属性。至于学生,是的,有一些学生的工作质量让我大吃一惊,尤其是在最终渲染演示和对照明的理解方面。

MH: What are some game Artists that YOU look up to or who inspire you?1 response

MH:有哪些游戏艺术家是你崇拜或启发你的?1 回复

MK: That is a difficult question, there are so many artists that inspire me. But I would say the most influential ones in my growth as a texture artist were Joshua Lynch and Daniel Thiger, they are really pushing the limits of Substance Designer. I remember watching so many tutorials from them when I was still learning the software. I really admire the quality of their work. And in terms of overall environment building and presentation, I look up to Clinton Crumpler, the mood that he can create with his scenes is truly remarkable.

MK:这是一个很难回答的问题,有很多艺术家启发了我。但我想说,在我成长为纹理艺术家的过程中,最有影响力的是 Joshua Lynch 和 Daniel Thiger,他们确实在挑战 Substance Designer 的极限。我记得当我还在学习软件的时候,看了很多他们的教程。我真的很佩服他们的工作质量。而在整体环境营造和呈现方面,我很佩服克林顿·克鲁普勒,他能用场景营造的气氛真的很了不起。


MH: This sprint was all over the place in terms of locale and culture, is there a specific culture that you enjoy creating materials from or to focus on?1 response

MH:就地区和文化而言,这个 sprint 无处不在,有没有一种特定的文化让你喜欢创造材料或专注于这种文化?1 回复

MK: I don’t have a specific culture that I enjoy the most, I love creating all sorts of materials. I always strive to produce a wide range of materials to make sure I am a well-rounded texture artist and I try to eliminate any weak spots I might have. So when I feel like I am able to produce a high-quality end result for a particular type of biome or culture, let′s say, I move on to a completely different type of material that may pose a new challenge for me, this way I am always learning and keeping things fresh.


I was super happy to work with Max on this and we hope you love the materials as much as the GameTextures team does. I am looking forward to working with him more in the future to create more awesome materials for our library!

我非常高兴能与 Max 在这方面合作,我们希望你和 GameTextures 团队一样喜欢这些材料。我期待着在未来与他更多地合作,为我们的图书馆创造更多很棒的材料!



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