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I discovered Substance Designer in the second year by listening to students from the upper years, who told me that it was a magical software, so I decided to try it out with YouTube tutorials like many other people. Since I am not very comfortable with 2D graphics, this kind of software was a universe where I could express myself. The Substance Designer community is special to me because it is very easy to share your work, your workflow, all you need is a screen of your graph, a "node combo" to explain how to add small veins on leaves or how this brick can change its shape, for example. So everyone quickly shares their work, and this project is an example of it. I’ve been inspired by many artists, looking at their Arstation profiles, breakdowns, buying and analyzing materials, reading articles... this is what allowed me to progress, and make the project interesting! So if I have some advice for everyone who wants to get into Substance Designer: get inspired by the work of others, their workflows and combine these to create your own workflow and fully express yourself!
Working on the Elements
This was the first and one of the biggest challenges of this project.
I found a YouTube video that explains this problem and shows how to solve it by creating a function in the tiling parameter of the tile generator and in the interface parameters x/y of the tile generator.
I could now create a hexagonal tiling and change the number of tiles without any deformation.
For the mountains, which have been a big challenge, I first thought of creating unique shapes that I will place on the hexagonal tiles, but the Civilization 6 mountains extend over several squares and create a mountain range.

正如我之前所说,我直接受到埃姆雷坎·丘布克苏(Emrecan Çubukçu)作品的启发,因为他的山脚非常有趣。
But it didn't fit perfectly to me because the mountains of Civilization 6 are stylized, so I modified them accordingly.
Then, I use a similar method to as Emrecan Cubukcu for the mountains, he explains it very well in the following article.
Finally, I mix the two and then I mix it again on itself with ambient occlusion to reinforce the sharp effect of the mountains.

It is very important to work permanently with references: open on the PuRef and keep it open right next to your graph.
So, I started from a simple shape that I shrunk and juxtaposed to create the heightmap, then, thanks to a simple parameter I was able to create 4 variations that I added in a tile generator. The whole thing is colored with a simple gradient map.
Thanks to the basic mask of the trees, which I subtract the trees, I can easily place stones and add the ground.

Before I talk about water, I would first like to talk about the Fog of War, which was a big challenge and was important to me.
For the mask of the fog, I created a simple noise with a base shape and a warp that I tile in a sample, I then contrast it to the maximum and, finally, I vector it and then morph it to a flow map to give the worn, burnt effect of the map.





对于水,我的灵感来自一篇80级的文章,由出色的Zahar Scherbov撰写,他对他的地中海水材料进行了分解。
I based myself entirely on his material because I had no idea how to make convincing water, and I invite you to go and see this article, which is very interesting. I then adapted it to my project by integrating my water mask, it was necessary that the foam is deposited on the edges of the coasts, and for that, I simply invert the mask that I subtracted from it to create a border that I then warp and which serves as a mask for the foam.

I also recovered the mask of the foam that I enlarged to obtain the mask for the sand surrounding the water.

For the basic biomes, most of the parameters come from the random masks of the tile generators, which themselves generate the biome masks, the biome masks are then added one on top of the other, so that the biomes do not overlap, and the water mask takes priority over all the other masks to make it easier.

Then, thanks to a simple parameter like the disorder of noise, I could generate the water mask, which is at the base a simple Perlin noise with a histogram scan.
I had a lot of trouble organizing myself, given the complexity of the project.
For the city:

For the colors, I used one of the basic set. In order to make the windows appear, I use the technique of Emrecan Çubukçu, which consists in simply making a line of pixels on the wall, with the tesselation, the window will appear on the wall.
对于颜色,我使用了一个基本的集合。为了使窗户出现,我使用了Emrecan Çubukçu的技术,它包括简单地在墙上制作一行像素,随着镶嵌,窗户将出现在墙上。
Then for the fields, I generated squares that surround the city with tile samplers, I then created an edge to detect that I use as a mask to add trees between fields to make it more convincing.
For the borders, I reuse the flood fill technique to generate a line, the color of which I can change to create the borders.


I decided to place it a little reluctantly with a transformed material, where I blend the height of the city with that of the map, and the same for the color, I add the mask of the water, so that the fields or the city can not appear in the water, and the trick is done!

最后,我拒绝在Photoshop中做任何事情(甚至是界面),所以我在Substance Designer中制作了城市标题和资源图标。

Graph of the titles:

The Biggest Challenges
I would have liked to improve a lot of things. If I hadn't listened to my friends, I would have tried to integrate the whole game, but it was honestly impossible: for example, I added the tundra when I was already rendering in Marmoset, which wasn't very wise.
Also, I would have liked to tidy up from the beginning of the project, rename each frame, comment everything... because in this kind of project and in general, it is imperative and essential to tidy up for you and for your colleagues who can potentially retouch your files!
I learned one thing it is to set limits in projects and not to over scope, otherwise you get lost quickly in details and waste a lot of time.


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